IfU GmbH Private Institute for Environmental Analysis

IfU GmbH Private Institute for Environmental Analysis was founded in 1993 and has quickly grown to a service provider in the field of environmental analysis and instruments specialized for plasma characterization. In the frame of the company’s development, solid co-operations with partners in Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Canada and Mexico were established. We successfully participate in international EU joint research projects and national R & D networks.

IFU as specialist on drone-borne geophysical systems will perform drone-borne spectrometry and magnetometry in the three GREENPEG demonstration sites. In the frame of this tasks IFU will develop a drone-borne hyperspectral imaging system include the implementation of the necessary algorithms and software.

We have expanded our portfolio and offer a wide range of geophysical measurements. We serve ourselves classic exploration methods as well as state-of-the-art measuring methods to the use of drones, which we can equip with various measuring devices.