Entree workplan Kråkmotinden
This photo has been taken by Morten Smelror, NGU

»Berge sind stille Meister und machen schweigsame Schüler«

The mountains are mute masters who make for silent pupils.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer and statesman, 1749-1832)

Work plan

The schematic sketch to the left illustrates the three different scales of exploration methodologies for buried, small-scale pegmatite ore bodies (pink) applied by GREENPEG: (1) Province-scale (500-1000 km²) comprising remote sensing technologies (work package 2); (2) district-scale (25-500 km²) comprising air-borne geophysics (work package 3); and (3) Prospect-scale (<25 km²) comprising drone-borne and ground-based geophysical and geochemical methods (work package 4). The choice of exploration method depends on the type of wall rocks, vegetation and topography.


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