The GREENPEG consortium perfectly addresses the project´s objectives and aim: Three mining operators / services providers (FELMICA, BLI, ECM) and one geological survey (NGU) are potential end users. Two technical consulting companies (TERRA, IFU,) and five academic research institutions (UIO, UCD, UPV, UNEXE, UPORTO), provide industrial and academic knowhow for the technological developments and independent fact-based validation of GREENPEG inventions regarding the assessment and best practice in environmental, social and safety impacts. The business consultant (PNO) carries out market analysis for upscaling and market implementation of the results and develops the business plans. GKZ, as a not-to-profit association, acts as an honest broker for exploitation management and clustering from different project activities (CSA, R&I), being also responsible for dissemination and communication. UIO with its extensive administrative background steers and administratively coordinates the project.