Helicopter Djevelens Tanngard NGU
This photo has been taken by Djevelens Tanngard, NGU


Nothing is so difficult that it cannot be explored.
(Publius Terentius Afer, Roman playwright, 190-159 BC)

Aim and objective

GREENPEG aims for a better investor approach and promotion of European deposits. Commonly, investors use on-site services if efficient and offering latest know-how. Equipping them with GREENPEG inventions and improving access to, and quality of, geological and geophysical data will stimulate investors to “explore” Europe. The Project develops two innovative, competitive toolsets at TRL7 for the exploration of buried LCT and NYF pegmatites, including three new instrumental techniques and devices (piezoelectric sensor, helicopter-complementary nose stinger magnetometer, drone-borne hyperspectral imaging system) and two new datasets for prospect scale (<50 km²) and district scale (50-500 km²) exploration. Innovation needs raw materials from mining. The economic value chain depends on a secure raw materials supply. Europe’s ambitious e-mobility plan will rely on both.

Responsible exploration

Increasing requirements for responsible sourcing in the raw materials value chain, have put pressure on industry to engage in responsible sourcing and responsible business conduct and to perform relevant due diligence that goes beyond legislative obligations. It is rooted in the growing expectations of consumers, civil society, governments and procurement managers (buyers) and a more holistic approach by industry in terms of more resource efficiency and environmental friendliness. This starts upstream with exploration.

Many legal environmental, social and safety regulations apply to GREENPEG exploration activities, at European level (shown in the diagram), as well as nationally and regionally. In many cases industry guidance goes beyond these pieces of legislation, such as in PDAC’s e3plus package of advice and support.

GREENPEG work plan incorporates a careful analysis of environmental, social and safety impacts within the implementation of the new technological approach, assessing these aspects through the entire life cycle of exploration techniques being developed and sharing best practices in these spheres between partners, industry bodies and international research projects.


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