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Fortunate is he, who is able to know the causes of things
(Vergil, Roman poet, 70-19 BC)

APPROACH – We light up the darkness

GREENPEG’s approach is based on a well-designed strategy based on the specific characteristics of the target pegmatite ores:
1) Low contrast of petrophysical properties compared with their wall rocks;
2) High mineralogical variability in different pegmatite types;
3) Relatively small ore body volumes (0.01 to 5 million m³) and lateral extent;
4) The occurrence of pegmatites in clusters (fields);
5) The existence of Li, B, F, Cs, Be, Ta and Sn halos (10 to 100 m scale) around pegmatite bodies.

Field-testing approaches will be divided into three investigation scales: (1) province scale (500 - 10000 km²); (2) district scale (50 - 500 km²); and (3) prospect scale (<50 km²). The methodology testing and optimization is being performed in three representative European demonstration sites: in Wolfsberg, Austria; south Leinster, Ireland; and Tysfjord, Norway.

Work packages

GREENPEG’s work plan consists of 8 WPs of which the technology R&I follows from large to small scale. We pay much attention to integration, final testing and validation of results with upscaling and market uptake as one of many exploitation measures.

  • Work Package 1: Project Management and Coordination (UIO)
  • Work Package 2: Province scale methodology testing (UPORTO)
  • Work Package 3: District scale methodology testing (TerraTec)
  • Work Package 4: Prospect scale methodology testing (UCD)
  • Work Package 5: Integration, final testing and validation of exploration methodologies
  • Work Package 6: Assessment and best practice in environmental, social and safety impacts for GREENPEG inventions
  • Work Package 7: Upscaling and business plan (PNO)
  • Work Package 8: Communication/dissemination, clustering and exploitation, framework conditions


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